The Chrysanthemum Spray Button Green is one of the most favorite flowers that brides and wedding planners and bridal designers love to work with. Their unique green color is rarely found in other popular and favorite flowers such as roses, lilies, and carnations. People love them because they are a flower but not a greenery, yet they can be used as both.

What are the uses of Chrysanthemum spray button green?

  • The green blooms can act as a filler because each mum stem carries several other stems full of blooms.
  • So when it is used in a flower arrangement it adds volume and makes your arrangement look bigger.
  • These blooms are perfect as wedding flowers because their gorgeous color complements almost all wedding color themes favored by brides.
  • These green blooms work perfect with yellow, orange, peach and coppery colors.  Moreover, these are ideal for a colorful fall or Halloween-times wedding.
  • It is well-known that red is a great complement of green. You can never go wrong with red roses, red carnations and red lilies in any floral design.
  • The Chrysanthemum Spray Button Green are one of the most convenient flowers in your DIY flower design projects.
  • If you have an upcoming bridal shower to plan, then the spray button daisy will make your life easy.

Purchase this beautiful chrysanthemum as wholesale flowers for the most affordable prices and the endless design possibilities. Use these blooms as a focal flower for all your wedding centerpieces or in the bridal bouquets. Or you can arrange a whole centerpiece only by using the green pom poms and design around, the ball-shaped green centerpiece for maximum effect. Or you can simply use the round puffy blooms as groom’s boutonnieres and mother-of-the-bride corsages.

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