No one can escape from the charm and lustrous beauty of Hugs and Kisses Rose Bouquet The combination of dark red, white and pale pink colors attracts the attention of every eye.  Similarly, the dark red color of glass vase is attractive and alluring which instigates the romantic feeling. The cherry on top is the red decorative ribbon with white dots which gives it an extra look of the gift. This pristine floral gift is the choice of everyone on wedding anniversaries and Valentine’s Day after Red Rose Bouquet.  Furthermore, the name of this wedding floral gift represents its purpose. Therefore, the flowers in this floral arrangement have been chosen wisely, by the florists of Toronto Bulk Flower, Richmond Hill, to serve the purpose aptly.

The flowers and their meaning in Hugs and Kisses Bouquet:

  • There are two focal flowers in Hugs and Kisses Bouquet. The red rose and pale pink carnations. The other flowers which surround these focal flowers are ruby mini carnation and white daisy spray mums.
  • All of these flowers have been arranged in gleaming red glass was which has a red decorative ribbon with white dots on it. Individually each flower in this floral gift has its own meaning.
  • We all know that the red rose is the classical symbol of true romantic love.
  • While, Pale Pink carnation flowers are the symbol of gentleness and admiration.
  • Similarly, ruby mini carnation flowers are also a symbol of deep love and affection.
  • In the last, the white daisy spray mum flowers are the symbol of purity and innocence.

How to present the Hugs and Kisses Bouquet? :

            How romantic it would be to present these flowers on the wedding anniversary or on Valentine’s Day to your partner and admire her/his beauty in a candlelight dinner. While presenting these flowers, fully express your feelings of love, passion and desire.

            You can make your wedding anniversary day more romantic by decorating your bedroom with the following

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