Indoor Plant – Aglaonema, everybody believes in good luck, I suppose. So here’s to why you should believe in our Toronto Office Aglaonema indoor plants.
For so long, these plants have been known to bring luck in homes, offices et cetera.

The botanical name of this plant is Aglaonema commutatum.

Care tips for Indoor Plant – Aglaonema:

  1. Propagation

Propagation is done by division. If there is an overgrowth, cut the stems above the soil and plant them in a light medium or soil to enable the plant rejuvenate.

The best and good quality potting media is organic soil. The soil must be kept free from any diseases.

The soil must also be easily draining to avoid sogging/flooding.

  1. Lighting

Agalaonemas thrive best in bright but indirect sunlight. Remember to rotate your plant often so that the all sides of the plant get equal supply of light.

  1. Irrigation

During summer, water these plants frequently so that they don’t dry up. However, in winter, back off on the frequency of watering.

  1. Temperature

Just like your body detects changes in temperature, so do Aglaonemas. Do not expose the plants to extreme temperatures. Moderate temperature is the best. Too cold temperatures will reduce the rate of growth while high temperatures will scorch the plant.

  1. Pruning

Pruning is done either to remove the lower yellow leaves or to gather stems to be used for propagation. This enables the plant to have a good shape and to reduce competition for light and nutrients.

Benefits of Toronto Office Aglaonemas.

  • First, they are good air purifiers since they absorb harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene from the air.
  • Secondly, they incur less maintenance costs at all times.
  • Thirdly, they are very cheap and affordable to all our customers.

It is approximately 21″H x 14″W in size. Also, the container may vary from the one shown.