Indoor Plant Pot – Rocky

Indoor plant pot – rocky is made of plastic. These rocky planter pots are lightweight and tremendously special. Oxidation processes make a natural-looking and real patina on the surface of the pot without it get rusty. A hole can conveniently be drilled in the bottom of the container for outdoor planting.

The color of the container really matters a lot because containers of light colors keep the roots cool and then reflect the heat as well. On the other hand, other dark colors get tremendously hot, and they can damage the tender roots as well. Moreover, the size of this pot is 22.5″X 19.5″.

While placing your order, you can order for changing the pots color and its type. Further, if you have a particular pot style in your mind which is not featured here, then we can provide you that style exactly according to your demand just for you. Hence, we honestly try to please every client with our beautiful and several other types of containers and our accommodating services as well.

What are the specifications of indoor plant pot – rocky?

Specification of indoor plant pot – rocky represent the following aspects:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Energy
  • The excitement in an environment
  • Desire
  • Its size is almost around 5″X 19.5″.
  • Happiness
  • Joy
  • Color of this pot is white

When you add lush greenery to this pot, it will surely enhance the beauty of any area. This indoor plant pot can also work as a decoration ornament in any suitable area of your home.

These indoor plants can provide an elegant look to your overall home décor too. Therefore, these fresh planters will add a magical touch to any area of your house. Wholesale bulk flowers Toronto is perfect as they can be used for other floral arrangements like bouquets and plants as well. Similarly, your order of indoor plant containers will be hand-delivered via flower delivery Canada throughout the greater Toronto area.