Indoor Succulent Plants – Home or Office

Succulents are wonderful, low maintenance plants that look fantastic inside your home or office. You’ll be surprised to know that while most indoor succulent plants come from hot, dry areas, there are some that are native to rainy areas. It’s why the lighting and temperatures for succulents can vary.

Easy-Going, Undemanding Indoor Plants

You’ll be amazed at how low maintenance indoor succulent plants are and there are some that are particularly good for growing indoors. While they love light, they are actually easy to grow in all kinds of weather. Some of the easier-to-grow indoor plant’s varieties include Jades, gastritis and haworthia varieties such as Zebra plants. They all thrive indoors. 

How to care for indoor succulents plants:

  • Plant your succulent in a well-draining pot. You want to avoid over-watering. Potting in a terracotta pot, for instance, with holes for drainage will help prevent water from collecting in the water-catchment bowl.
  • Use soil in the pot that drains well. Make sure the soil has totally dried out before watering again.
  • They prefer warm temperatures of 50-80° F or 10-27° C.
  • During spring or summer, you can give ¼ to ½ dilution of low-nitrogen houseplant fertilizer.
  • Because of their high-water content, succulents don’t thrive in humidity. The reason they do well indoors is that homes are quite dry, with humidity levels being more or less 10-30% which is good for most succulent plants.

Different Lighting Requirements

Some succulents such as the snake plant and Christmas plant are succulents that prefer filtered sunlight. Those that want bright light are the jade plant, agaves, and aloe vera among others.

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