Israeli Ruscus – 3 Bunches

Israeli Ruscus is a versatile greenery leaf that is used consistently in many weddings and events since it is very easy and affordable to work with. The choice of Israeli Ruscus is a major part of wedding flowers design and wedding planners and wedding designers prefer to use this beautiful leaf. Over and over again brides choose to incorporate this beautiful plant leaf into their wedding decorations. Some creative and chic brides and bridesmaids even opt to have a wedding bouquet or bridesmaid bouquet simply made out of greeneries, such as Italian Ruscus, Israeli Ruscus, and Eucalyptus. These simple and fragrant design will amaze all the onlookers.

Israeli Ruscus can be one of the easiest choices for anyone who is doing a DIY flower arranging. If you are designing your sister or best friend’s wedding flowers, make sure to buy your Ruscus as wholesale flowers for the best prices. This plant leaf can be used for its length and size to add size and increase the look of any wedding centerpiece and wedding flower arrangement. Its voluminous many little leaves add volume and texture to a wedding head table flower decoration. You can also easily hand-weave the Ruscus into simple garlands and hang them on the gazebo or wedding arbor.

The Israeli Ruscus can also be weaved into beautiful little circles and placed as plate setting decorations as wedding flower design or for a simple friend and family gathering. This leaf complements many other flowers such as peonies, roses, chrysanthemums, and irises.

The Israeli Ruscus can be weaved and incorporated into a garland with the Ruscus and can decorate the center of a big table gathering. You can place scented candles and decorative bird caged or books among the Ruscus garland for a more romantic effect. Design ideas are limitless when you purchase the Ruscus as bulk flowers for all your flower decorating ideas.