Dusty Mauve Limonium flower can easily be used in any setting or event. They can impart a look of the event being professionally decorated. These flowers come in different colors or you can dry them and paint them with different colors. They give the same effect whether you use them dry or fresh.

Limonium flowers bloom in mid to late summer, but if they are dried then they can last for as long as you need them. If you buy your dusty mauve Limonium flowers in the summer and want to use them later on in the year, then you have the option of buying them as bulk flowers and either preserving them or using them as dried flowers for your event. You can make them in tiny sprig bouquets to decorate tables, chairs, or even curtains in an event as the dusty mauve color will stand out and create an amazing look.

What are the uses of dusty mauve Limonium flowers?

There are countless uses for these filler flowers. The following are some of the popular uses:

  • In wedding bouquets, as filler flowers.
  • On the floor in a corner to give that corner an extraordinary look.
  • On a table, as a centerpiece.
  • The patio is also another good option to give it an infusion of color without the usual frills.
  • You can use these flowers in a garden as a hedge.
  • Similarly, you can also place it as fillers in bouquets, instead of, or in addition to baby breath to create a chic look.

If you are already sure of what you want then you can be even more creative and use it in other ways.  This Dusty Mauve Limonium painted Flower is an amazing type of flower. Many DIY wedding brides love it for obvious reasons. It is versatile and can be used with any type of flower. If you need to fill your bouquet with an extra touch of elegance, this is the best option.