Majesty Plant Palm – Indoor Plant

Who doesn’t want to decorate their home or office with the beautiful, tropical looking Majesty Plant Palm? You can just visualize those long fronds blowing gently in the breeze on a tropical beach.

Plants for office containers need to be hardy, and indoor plants like this palm are easy to grow. Indoor plants Toronto will require the right light and soil to thrive.

Caring for the Majesty Plant Palm:

  • These palms enjoy a sunny spot in your home or office although they don’t want direct sunlight as this could scorch the leaves.
  • This palm likes its soil to be kept fairly moist but never soggy. You need to make sure that the soil can drain properly. The pot will, therefore, require draining holes at the bottom. You can say that this palm will require watering once a week.
  • Your palm won’t like cold, air-conditioned air. It likes humidity. If you don’t live in a humid area you can solve the problem by having a humidifier tray filled with gravel. The palm’s pot is placed on top of the gravel with the bottom of the pot staying above the waterline.
  • You can feed your Majesty Plant Palm with a general houseplant fertilizer. This can be done every 3 months during the Spring and Summer.
  • Once you see the palm’s roots emerging out of the top of the soil, it is time to report and to provide it with a bigger pot.
  • Remove the fronds that have turned yellow and brown. It keeps the palm looking healthy and attractive and it encourages new leaf growth.

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Approximately: 10 Inch Pot / 5 to 6 Feet Tall