Basket of stars-memorial flowers is a concoction of mesmerizing flowers which make it an astounding floral gift. You can fuel the day of your loved ones i.e. friends and family members with happiness, joy and positive energy. It is a good idea to send this floral gift in the early hours of the day by availing the luxury of same-day delivery by Toronto flower delivery exclusively for the Greater Toronto Area and Richmond Hill.

The flower arrangement is also a good choice for the following events:

  • Anniversaries
  • Bridal showers
  • Groom shower
  • The baby shower
  • The engagement ceremony of your friends and for many more occasions.    

What makes the basket of stars-memorial flowers a rich bouquet in elegance?

          Basket of stars is the combination of the flowers mentioned below:

  • Pink Stargazer lilies, which are commonly known as Oriental lilies,
  • Graceful pink tulip flowers,
  • Unique white daisy with green center,
  • Pink wax flowers miniature,
  • Asparagous sprengeri ferns,
  • Leather leaf greenery,
  • Lastly, assorted greenery presented in a white basket.

The most distinguishing feature of this bouquet is the predominance of pink color that is the symbol of affection, sweet friendship, love, inner peace, and harmony.     

Can you use the basket of stars-memorial flowers for home décor and other purposes?

  • You can place this arrangement of these memorial flowers in the corner of the living room which needs special attention as a decoration piece.
  • It can also be placed by you in the hallway of your home to welcome the guests who are about to attend the special gathering.
  • You can also use it as a centerpiece at a table to make your business meeting pleasing and effective.

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Approximately 23″H x 22.5″W