Ming Aralia Plant

The Ming Aralia plant is such a lovely indoor plant and being tropical, it is going to be looking for warmth in your home or office. It is an evergreen perennial with dark green, feathery type foliage.

There are 6 varieties and it can reach up to about 7 feet in height. The Ming Aralia Plant is another of those plants that are easy for beginner gardeners to grow as it is an adaptable plant that grows out- and indoors.

Caring for the Ming Aralia Plant 

  • This is a tropical plant and this means that it loves warm conditions and doesn’t want to contend with temperatures below 60°F.
  • The Aralia is quite adaptable and can grow in low-light or partial light conditions as well as bright light which is actually it’s favorite. Don’t put the plant in direct sunlight.
  • The Ming Aralia Plant wants well-draining, slightly acidic potting soil.
  • Feed your Ming Aralia with a diluted water-soluble fertilizer once or twice a year in its growing season. Always read the label first.
  • This plant wants you to water it thoroughly and then to allow the soil to dry before you water it again. Never allow water to lie in the catchment saucer below the pot.
  • If you choose to report this plant do so in the spring, bearing in mind that this plant doesn’t mind when its roots are confined in a smaller pot. Nonetheless, if you report it, choose a bigger pot.
  • If you don’t want to have your plant grows too big, you can trim it. In fact, there are quite a few people who choose to trim it into a bonsai.

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