Money Plant -Indoor

Known also as the Jade Plant, most people just wish that the attractive Money Plant would grow gold nuggets as flowers. It may not be able to do that, but it is used in Feng Shui so as to bring peace and harmony into the environment it finds itself in.

The Money Plant Ages with You

It’s a wonderful plant and if you receive it as a gift when you’re young, it will age with you. As it ages, it has thick tree-like branches and the leaves are fleshy and glossy. Money plant with its flat, round leaves prefers warm temperatures. Failing to provide the right temperatures will see the leaves turning yellow and spotty. They’re fascinating plants and can grow for a while in clean water without soil.

How to care for the Money Plant

  • These plants like growing in medium to bright indirect sunlight.
  • If the sunlight is too harsh, the leaves can become a dark purple color. If you don’t like this, move it to a darker part of the room.
  • Succulent plants like the Money Plant like a good watering and then being left while the soil dries out. In Winter they will want less water.
  • They’ll want a general houseplant fertilizer during the growing season. Follow the directions on the packaging.

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