Money Tree – House Plants

The Toronto Bulk Flowers Guiana chestnut is also called a money plant – House Plants. Flowers of this plant have large white petals that curl back toward the plant stems.
And this natural arrangement of Guiana chestnut will enhance the beauty of your house.
You know what skin of immature fruit skin is still now to treat hepatitis and uses as a natural remedy of hepatitis. Native to South America and Mexico.
This plant brings happiness and good fortune.
The bonsai style and tall plant with a twisted stem or braided stem bring fortune when you place this plant in the area of money, fame, and health.

This Money Tree – House Plants will also help you to fresh the air around you.
They only require less intense sunlight and water to grow and freshen the air around you.
The white flowers and branched stems or braided stems are enough for capturing your guest’s attention in your family gatherings and celebrations.
It is believed that 5 leaves of this plant represent the 5 qualities of earth, which include wood, metal, fire, water, and the earth.
You can also plant this Guiana chestnut as an ornamental for its wonderful large flowers and leaves.
And can give your loved ones on special occasions like wedding ceremonies, on birthdays, etc.
If you love peanuts, you can roast edible seeds of this plant, they taste like peanuts.
It is believed that the intensity of luck depends upon the condition of your plant.
That’s why we pay special attention to the quality of plants at the time of delivery.
If you want to boost the house beauty and luck then this plant is only for you.
At Toronto Bulk Flowers we offer this beautiful Guiana chestnut and many other flowers that you can be easily paired with it

Approximately 16″ H x 9″ W