Monstera Leaves 40 Stems

The Monstera Leaves are from the gorgeous big illustrious Monstera Deliciosa plant which is a dream to use in floral arrangements. Also called by the nickname Swiss cheese plant because the big leaves have holes in them. These big perforations give all the beauty and majesty to these ‘monster’ of leaves. But don’t let the name deceive you.

The Monstera Leaves are some of the most graceful decorations that one can use for any purpose. They are very well used by flower designers as wedding flowers. They increase the look and size of any flower arrangement when added to a centerpiece or even a vase arrangement. They add volume because of their huge size as well as texture. For the most affordable prices, always get your greenery and fillers as wholesale flowers. If you have any DIY flower design projects coming up such a bridal shower or baby shower, the Monstera is the most versatile greenery for you.

Monstera Leaves are extremely popular with interior designers as home and interior décor. You can add an extra pop of color to any plain colorless setup with these leaves. If you want to decorate and brighten a very white or very monotonous looking room like a kitchen or office, the monstera leaves will be your best choice.

Monstera Leaves are great to add a vibrant dash of nature and beauty to your work space or living room. Choosing to use simple leaves as an alternative to flowers can sometimes be a great option as well. Monstera leaves are wonderful if you want a touch of the tropical look to any style and décor. Also called Split Leaf Philodendron, this fresh large greenery gives you the idea of being in beautiful tropical Hawaii. Call Toronto Bulk Flowers to order these dramatic green leaves for all your do-it-yourself flower designs and projects.

Approximate Size: 60 cm