Oakland Bowl

Indoor plant pots – Oakland bowl is a contemporary piece that is made of light concrete material. They arrive in various sizes. They can be used for indoor or outdoor. With your favorite plant, it can also be used as a office pot. Moreover, the color of this indoor plant pot is light concrete as well and its bowl size is 12″x 8″.

Similarly, our whole wholesale flowers Toronto are flexible enough to be arranged in a well-designed pattern according to your desires. Further, this pleasing arrangement can bring style and attraction to your occasions or to your home. Similarly, flowers from indoor plants also make great details and actual impacts. In short, these decorative indoor plants are the best decorations for all seasons.

Where can we place this pot?

You can place this fluted concrete Planter in the lobby of office or high building as a display.  It has endless gardening design options.

Care instructions

  1. We should only clean it with a soft and damp cloth.
  2. Don’t use bleach or detergents for its cleaning at all.
  3. Strong solvents, abrasive cleaners or acids will definitely damage the finishing of your product.

They are usually handcrafted of natural fiber, concrete or ground stones. Further, it also provides a tremendously stable and strong foundation for plants.

Meanwhile, they are lighter in weight as compared to traditional pot or stone planters. The fluted structure and clean-lines of Oakland planters increase unique pot to indoor and outdoor spaces and they elevate even the simplest plantings. Your order of Indoor plant pots – Oakland bowl will be hand-delivered on the same day by office plants delivery Canada.