It is common to confuse office Euphorbia Cactus with cacti species but the truth is that they belong to the family of crass plants. Unlike cacti, this family of succulent plants stores water in their stems, leaves or trunks. Very popular as indoor plants for home and office, Euphorbia Cactus, is very similar to cacti but require different care because they have developed in less aggressive and extreme climates than cacti.

Euphorbia cactus, grown usually as indoor plants or as plants for office in Canada and the US, come from southern Africa and are used to very hot climates. The leaves of the plant are short-lived and small and grow along the ridges.  If it is grown outdoors, it may produce small yellow or white flowers, but indoors, it is highly unlikely to bloom.

Euphorbia Cactus is also famously called the African milk tree. The reason is that these plants contain a fairly irritating latex if they come in contact with the eyes or skin. Therefore, whenever you are going to handle this plant, it is advisable to wear gloves to avoid irritation.

Caring for the Euphorbia Cactus:

  • They tolerate the sun’s rays very well so you should place your home or office Euphorbia Cactus in a place that receives plenty of sunlight, but it is preferable that you protect it from direct sun.
  • The cold weather is not for them, and these don’t usually survive temperatures below 10 degrees.
  • It is very important to ensure that the pot in which Euphorbia Cactus is planted has a good drainage system. That is, it must have holes at the bottom for it to expel the excess water. This is essential because the plant does not tolerate water logging.
  • It is often enough to water it once a week during the hot months, but if the soil looks dry, it is alright to water it in between. During winter, it needs less water, so watering it once in 20-25 days is usually enough.

Where to buy Euphorbia?

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