Opulent Orchids

Pure elegance is the symbol of opulent orchids. This is what white Phalaenopsis orchids deliver to us. They are tremendously lovely when we receive them. However, the wonderful thing about them is they are a lot easy to take care of. They can even blossom for several months as well.

Also, this wonderful white Phalaenopsis orchid plant comes in a special bamboo cube. Anyone can easily appreciate these kinds of opulence. Orchids are available in plenty of container types and a variety of colors. Approximately, its size is around 11 1/2″ W x 25 1/2″ H.

Bamboo vase

This is a marvelous 6 1/4″ cube-shaped vase that is made of real bamboo. These indoor plants look fabulous with flowers. They can also create a fashionable cachepot for little green plants. When we pot white Phalaenopsis orchid plants elegantly in a stylish bamboo container, then it can be a real enchanting gift for any occasion. We deliver white potted Phalaenopsis orchid plant with slender bamboo support sticks in a bamboo container. Moreover, its orientation is all around.

What is the representation of opulent orchids?

  • Graceful and exotic orchid symbolizes glove, strength and beauty.
  • In ancient Greece, orchids were related to virility.
  • White Phalaenopsis orchids symbolize humility and reverence, purity, innocence and elegance.

If you are considering your options about where to buy your desired flowering plants in Toronto, you do not need to explore further possibilities. Meanwhile, while placing your order, you can also wish for customized colors or types. White Phalaenopsis flower plants are the most ambitious gifts that you can give in person.

You can use this awesome floral gift to send to your loved ones on their happiest moments. Similarly, your order will be hand-delivered on the same day of your occasion via flower delivery Canada throughout the greater Toronto area.