Orange Spray Roses

Orange Spray Roses are exquisitely peach and orange colored roses that are used by most wedding designers and florists. They are also commonly used as filler flowers because each stem of the spray rose carries several delicate branches and it is full of mini roses. Therefore, this makes the orange spray rose the perfect fit for your wedding flowers and centerpieces. The event planners love to impress guests with bright colored roses like the orange rose and Hot Pink Roses since it has a way of attracting their attention.

If you have an event coming up and you are planning a DIY flower design project for it, then you should get your bulk flowers soon to organize and plan when you still have the time. Orange Spray Roses are ideal flowers if you are designing your own or a loved one’s autumn themed wedding. This way you will be getting the best wholesale flowers prices and you will have peace of mind to design flowers at your heart’s content.

Orange Spray Roses have numerous blooms on each stem that helps to add a good amount of texture to your floral arrangement. Magnolia Greenery with its mixture of orange and dark green leaves, the orange and red buds of Hypericum Berries, and Yellow Solidago are some of the best greeneries and fillers that will match best with  Spray Roses.  You should make sure to get all your fillers and greeneries as wholesale flowers for the best prices in the market.

Spray Roses are not just your ordinary roses since they can be used to serve many purposes in flower design. Call us at Toronto Bulk Flowers and our expert designers will explain how you can use them both as a focal point in an arrangement and also as great filler flowers.