Pachira Aquatica – Money Plant

The Toronto Bulk Flowers Pachira Aquatica is also called a money plant.
Originally native to Mexico and northern America, this plant is enough to add beauty to your home.
This money tree comes in the category of easy-care house plants.
And it is said that it brings happiness and good luck to the owner.
Please don’t place this plant in your bathroom area.
Because according to some people it will boost negative energy instead of positive energy when you place this plant near your bathroom area.
The braided money plants are not only rare but also lovely and attractive.
This plant displays its beauty with its braided stems and large leaves.
You can easily place Pachira Aquatica in your office, drawing room, and bedroom.
And can attract anyone towards your room at the time of celebration and family gatherings.
The best thing is that fertilizers are enough to grow this plant in the growing season (Spring and summer season).
Other people love this plant because of its lively beautiful green leaves and relatively low
maintenance need of this plant.
How can we forget that this plant will help you by refreshing your mood?
Pachira Aquatica removes VOCs (volatile organic compounds) present in the air around you.
And provided the fresh air in your bedroom and drawing-room.
This stylish and fun color will bring your home decor to life with endless variety and lasting qualities.
This Money Plant comes in all colors, sizes, and shapes.
Another best thing is that.
You don’t want high-intensity sunlight to grow this plant.
Medium and low-intensity sunlight is enough for these plants to grow and bloom.
You can place this plant near your window.
And if you have a pet in your home.
Then don’t take the stress anymore.
Pachira Aquatica is completely safe for the pet.
Perfect gift for your loved one!
“This plant is a gift”?
Then check out this plant and add personalized messages quickly.
At Toronto Bulk Flowers we offer this beautiful Pachira Aquatica and many other flowers
that you can be easily paired with it

  • As shown 6″ pot approximately 18″ h