Pendant Heliconias

Pendant Heliconias flower typically has multiple flowers per stalk, varying from 8 to 20, that makes it a long-lasting flower. It can last about two weeks with optimum conditions like bright light, moist soil and comparatively high humidity in the surrounding atmosphere.

Pendant Heliconia flowers bloom all around the year and therefore there are no seasonal requirements for it to bloom. It is available in green, orange, and pink, red, yellow, white are the colors. They serve as decorative flowers on events and celebrations and add colors and richness to the sophisticated décor.

Their availability in abundance starts in the spring season and lasts before chilly conditions of the winter season. Heliconia – the name is given after the name of a mountain Heliconia in Greece. These are considered to be young, active and attractive flowers for a longer period of time. They don’t wilt quickly, thus making them very suitable for decorations and indoor plantations.

Pendant Heliconia flowers have longer stems and large diameter, making it very suitable to be placed in vases for a long time as indoor decorative flowers. Its flowers damage only due to poor uptake of water, so they are widely popular as bulk flowers. This can be easily avoided by trimming the base of the stem at an angle of 45°. However, insects can be found on flowers and stem, it is best to remove them carefully by hand.

Heliconias are delicate species of flowers, it is not recommended to prune or trim the stem or flowers until unless all the flowers are fully bloomed. They are best kept under full exposure of light or even partial shades. They are poor in handling soil salts and can damage easily and quickly.

Toronto Bulk Flowers offer all the colors of Pendant Heliconia for ornamental purposes in offices and at workplaces to give a soothing effect to the eyes. In landscape or homes, they grow up to three to six feet tall while in tropical regions their height is about 15 feet tall so you can purchase them from any wholesale flower retailer and enjoy their beautiful colors. Tropical gardeners love to nourish heliconias in its different forms and colors as they are easy to take care of and it’s a complete pleasure to enjoy them while they completely bloom, and the stem is fully loaded.