Pew declaration

Your church can be decorated for your wedding ceremony with pew declaration in a more charming way. Therefore, we follow the trendy style in a way that your guests and you will definitely adore.
We bring antique purple hydrangea and purple hydrangea together which are accented with average succulents. Moreover, the ornamental kale makes a lively look for the guests.

This decoration is arranged in a French bucket which has silver metallic galvanized for a sweet and rustic appeal with shine. They can also be hung on the pews edge with the help of a satin lavenders  ribbon.
this striking wedding flower arrangement is set to make a perfect photo glance for your lifetime big day. Approximately, size of this marvelous arrangement is 12″H x 11″W.

There are plenty of reasons for loving pew decoration for weddings. We can create pew arrangement to work with any of the themes you want for the decoration of your wedding event.

Further, this pleasing arrangement can bring style and attraction to your wedding. You can craft these decorations from your wedding flowers as well. Similarly, flowers from pew decoration at weddings also make great details and actual impacts. In short, these wedding decoration flowers are the best wedding decorations for all the seasons, so get your pins set for this eye-catching decor.

How do we present pew declaration?

The presentation of pew declaration is as follows:

  • Antique purple hydrangea
  • Purple hydrangea
  • Medium succulents
  • Ornamental kale
  • French bucket which has shining silver metallic galvanized surface 
  • Satin lavender ribbon
Its size is around 12″H x 11″W

Perhaps, your wedding is planned as a glamorous celebration, where these stylish arrangement not only perfectly fits into your theme but it also advocates a great modern fashion. Similarly, our whole wholesale flowers Toronto are flexible enough to be arrange in a well-designed pattern according to your desires.