Phalaenopsis Orchids

Choosing to give a Phalaenopsis orchids to someone is perhaps one of the greatest decisions that you will ever make. These varieties of orchids are very popular because of their ability to survive in less than ideal situations. They are beautiful, easy to maintain and the blooms last for weeks after they open. You can place them in a box or a pot and use them as a focal point in your chosen spot. There are around sixty varieties of the Phalaenopsis orchids, so you will have an option to get a different color from the one shown.  They don’t require much light and can be placed on a windowsill or on a table, as well as in your garden.

You can give your phalaenopsis orchids plant food, but it will be better if you water them in the early morning as opposed to during the day. Water evaporates better when this is done. You can water every 5-7 days, but never soak them in water or it will promote root rot or fungal rot. Instructions are included on the label, so you will have an idea of how to care for it. You can get wholesale flowers and get them in different colors if that option exists, but you should ask before.

The phalaenopsis orchids are also called the moth flower, because of its resemblance to a month. They do not store moisture, so humidity is very important. Of all of the orchid varieties, this one has the longest standing bloom of all as some will last between two to six months before they fall off. When they reach maturity, they can bloom up to three times per year. When the bloom is old, you can cut the node to allow for new blooms, which can appear in as little as two months. Your choice of this type of orchid is a wise one, you can care for it and cherish it and you will see lasting results.

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