Philodendron Monstera Plant

Philodendron Monstera plant is a lush green indoor plant which you can send or present to your friends and family as a thank you gift. This thank you gift is not for everyone. This is specifically for those who love and appreciate nature. This indoor plant is famous for its large split leaves which give this plant an artistic look. The good thing about this plant is that it needs little care and its leaves grow rapidly. In the early life of the plant, the leaves are simple i.e. without a split. However, with the passage of time, the new leaves grow with split edges. This beautiful plant will be delivered in a pot through Toronto flower delivery, Richmond Hill, at your doorsteps.

Benefits & care of Philodendron Monstera plant:

            As described earlier this plant is easy to maintain however there are some cares that must be kept in mind. This is an indoor plant therefore it must not be placed in direct contact of sunlight. It needs to be watered and pruned occasionally. It has the following benefits:

  • This plant act like an oxygen bomb and burst oxygen in huge amount. So the greatest benefit of this plant is that it purifies the air of your home.
  • It adds a touch of nature and life to your office, home and etc.
  • It is a beautiful decoration piece which you can place in the corner of your living room or bedroom.

This plant has all the qualities of a fine thank you gift which can be presented on several occasions. So don’t hesitate to order this gift. Its price is reasonable as it’s life span is much much longer than other floral gifts. If you want to see some more thank you gifts than give us the honor of your presence at Yonge Flower shop, Richmond Hill, ON  Canada or visit our website TorontoBulkflower.   

Approximately: 30″ H x 10″ pot

Container may vary.