Pink Gerbera Daisy -30 Stems

A Pink Gerbera Daisy can be a great addition to your garden if its lacking in pink flowers. Instead of getting a pink one that is plain, you can choose a pink gerbera daisy to brighten up your garden and add a touch of softness. The baby pink color is great to add as a contrast to perhaps a yellow or red daisy of similar type. Pink gerbera daisy, by nature, is one of the most beautiful of its type. It can be used as one flower in a vase, planted in a pot, or even in the ground among other beautiful gerbera daisies. If you buy them in bulk, you can request different colors and put them all in one area to see the beauty of these flowers.

The pink gerbera daisy is beautiful and somewhat hardy. They can be planted in the ground, or in pots, but wherever they are planted they bring a fresh, bright spark that is noticeable by everyone who sees them. These plants form a part of the Asteraceae family and their Latin name is the Gerbera Jameson. Their name was taken from a Roman Botanist, Traugott Gerber, but was discovered by a Scotsman named Robert Jameson, who was the one who saw the plants growing wild and brought them to popularity. The gerbera daisies got their colors named from jewel stones and are known by their flowers blooming atop a single, tall stem. Their leaves grow in lettuce-looking mounds and fuzzy leaves. When fully grown, gerberas can measure up to 24 inches in height.

Gerbera daisies are available for the entire year and are known by their single, flat, round bloom. When you buy one bunch, you can get ten stems. They can last in a vase for up to five days but need to be handled with utmost care as the bloom can easily snap during handling. Choose to buy your pink gerbera flowers from the professionals and get the best you can get for your money.