Pink Hydrangea Plants

What is so special about the pink hydrangea plants?

Pink Hydrangea indoor plants are purely hydrangeas with pink colour. The concentration of the pink colour is influenced by the amount of aluminium in the soil and the soil  PH.

To achieve the pink colour, your soil PH should range between 6 and 6.2. This is achieved by adding lime to the soil which prevents uptake of aluminium.

How are pink hydrangeas grown?

  • Rich minerals and slightly moist soil is one of the element for growing of hydrangeas plants.
  • Secondly, dig a hole deep enough as the root ball. You can use your hand.
  • Thirdly, place the plant in the soil and fill it with soil halfway, water thoroughly and then fully fill it with soil.
  • Lastly, water again thoroughly and start monitoring its growth.

Alternatively, you can choose to grow pink hydrangeas from cuttings, mother plant is the best for cuttings, void too young and too old cuttings. Then you should dipped cutting in a rooting hormone and then planted in a well-draining soil.

What are the factors that influence the growth of these plants?

Care tips      

  1. Light

Pink hydrangeas prefer partial shade but can grow well in full early morning sunlight.

  1. Fertilizer

Do not apply any fertilizer if the soil is rich in nutrients. If otherwise, add some fertilizer to speed up the growth rate.

  1. Water

Lack of water causes wilting and flowers delay to form. Ensure you water the pink hydrangeas thoroughly but do not make the soil wet.

  1. Pruning

Prune by removing old, diseased and dead stems. This will enable the plant to rejuvenate better.

Name two benefits of pink hydrangeas.

  • They are a symbol of heartfelt emotions in dark moments.
  • Their roots are medicinal and can be used to treat kidney problems.