Pink Mink Bouquet

Pink Mink Bouquet is a cascade style bridal bouquet that will make any bride feel like a princess on her special day. This feminine bouquet is full of charm and beauty. Every Canadiana florist keeps this bouquet ready for special orders.

Pink Mink Bouquet skilfully combines cymbidium pink orchids and those of pale pink color. A hint of burgundy color, lush greens and stems complete the whole look. When you enter a Toronto flower shop, this bouquet will instantly attract your attention. The same is also true for Woodbridge florists and florist in Richmond hill.

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Every local flower shop in Toronto proudly carries this bouquet because it is so adorable that it will make anyone’s heart melt. It is also a popular option at Ontario florists because of its texture, colors, and aroma.

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If you are planning your wedding, contact a wholesale flowers Toronto shop to inquire about their wedding packages. Visit any florist Toronto, and this bouquet will be a particular part of their bridal flower packages. Buying a bridal bouquet package allows you to reduce your cost, and choose from a variety of options. Not only this, but you can also order matching pink boutonniere for the groom.

Toronto wholesale flowers recommend that if you are looking for an elegant and exquisite bouquet for the bride, then look no further because pink Mink Bouquet is an ideal bouquet. The cascade style makes it stand out from the regular round bouquets, and this is precisely why brides cannot resist its sophisticated yet appealing bunch of flowers. So, make your special day even more special with this specially crafted bunch of flowers.