Pink Spray Roses

The pink spray roses come in the same colors as other roses and can be used in any wedding décor. These are great because of the size of the buds and their hardy nature. Its beautiful petals are breathtaking and lovely to look at. If you wish to plant it afterward, you can cut the leaves off and stick the stem into the soil. With regular watering and no shifting, it can grow in as little as three to four weeks. Alternatively, you can place the stem into the water and see leaves growing on it in two weeks.

The pink spray roses are fragile and can easily get destroyed during transportation. Order them as wholesale flowers to be delivered at least three days before you need them. They can last up to eight days in a vase and if they are planted, they open to a bigger size than the normal roses. They are not available throughout the year, so you may need to pre-order for them to be sourced. Follow website instructions and use extreme caution when handling Majolica pink roses. The standard order is 1 stem per rose but depending on the variety, it may come with more. Rose will be in the water when you receive it.

Use the pink roses in any way you wish, but make sure you handle it with care to keep it alive. These roses differ somewhat from regular roses in their bloom, features, and size. Unlike other roses, the majolica pink spray roses can be used in a cascading bridal bouquet, as a centerpiece with other colors or as a hanging bouquet. The uses may vary, but the outcome remains the same, beautiful and breathtaking elegance. Choose your preferred color and make it into anything you wish.