Pittosporum Greenery

The Pittosporum Greenery is a greenery leaf that is used in flower design arrangements for its beautiful solid green color or its variegated kind. The Pittosporum leaves come mostly from a shrub or even trees. This plant also bears beautiful white flowers and some fruit that is mostly not edible for humans, nor for animals. However, humans love to use the Pittosporum leaves as decorative greens in their flower arrangements.

The Pittosporum Greenery leaves are best used in vase-styled arrangements. For your DIY flower designs, first, arrange your cut-flowers in the vase as you wish. Then proceed to insert and design the Pittosporum inside the flowers and among the rest of the fillers. This greenery will make your flower decorating very convenient. So if you have any event coming up such as a graduation, anniversary, birthday or even if you want to design a get-well bouquet or flower basket for a friend.

Ideal for every bouquet

Pittosporum Greenery leaves will do best as wedding flowers because they can compliment any colors and themes. If your wedding theme is white, purple, pink or even green or navy, these leaves are the best. They match well with roses, lilies, orchids, stocks, lisianthus and other greeneries such as salal, ferns and palm leaves.

If you are designing any do-it-yourself flower arrangements for your friend or sister’s upcoming baby shower or wedding, don’t forget the Pittosporum Greenery leaves. Purchase these gorgeous useful leaves as wholesale flowers for the most competitive and affordable greenery prices. Call Toronto Bulk Flowers for the best advice on flowers and fillers to complement your flower designs and the choices available to you. Our designers are always ready to provide information on the availability of greens and flowers. We can also guide on the best method of care, pickup and delivery options. We also offer consultation for wedding flowers packages and wedding floral arrangements.