Planter – Adler

Planter – Adler features industrial designs and textures. With the natural, real grey concrete finish, they cast from heavy-duty fiberglass. The Adler indoor plant pots have a stylish base for your preferable outdoor landscaping or botanical indoor houseplants. You can use them in multiples or separately for a dramatic and whimsical plant display.

They don’t have a drain hole in them. Therefore they can be used for indoor applications. Our recommendation is that you should use it with a plastic liner. Or you can drill a hole in it as well for outdoor applications. Moreover, its material is a grey concrete finish.

The speciality of Planter – Adler

  • Stylish base
  • Features industrial designs and textures
  • It can make an up-to-date statement for your home or garden

Why do they need special care?

You can fill them with citrus trees, any sculptural species, succulents or rosemary bushes for making an up-to-date statement in your garden or home. It requires special handling because of its weight. Further, its size is 14″x 12″.

No one can see what’s inside your heart. But you can show your extreme love, care, and joy to your loved ones by presenting indoor plant pots and indoor plants. You can ornament their day with the bliss and splendor of this pot.

Your presence with this indoor plant container on the special occasion of your loved ones will make their day special and unforgettable. We deliver at your doorsteps on the same day anywhere throughout the greater Toronto area via flower delivery Canada.

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