The Plumosa Fern Greenery eaves look like light feathers are adorning its zigzag branches. This fern is also known more commonly as the Asparagus fern or climbing asparagus. While this plant’s leaves may look like fern, it really is not one. The leaves of this plant are much loved by flower designers who like to incorporate them into their floral looks. Smart designers also love to buy their fillers as bulk flowers because of the cheaper deals.

Because of its airy-looking leaves, this plan is also popular as a lace fern. Tasteful brides-to-be will love the idea of enhancing their wedding flowers with the Plumosa Fern Greenery. Any bride can make their wedding bouquet look romantic and fresh with the combination of these frilly fern leaves and Solidago Filler Flowers.

What are the ideal uses of plumosa fern greenery?

  • These ferns are also ideal for both an intimate gathering such as a small reception after a civil marriage or a grand affair fit for a princess.
  • It can help you create beautiful classy designs for an intimate wedding with smaller table centerpieces.
  • Similarly, you can also create elegant designs of tall imposing head table centerpieces.
  • Moreover, you can also use this greenery to create airy and woodsy table settings for graduation, anniversary or retirement party.
  • Additionally, florists also use this fern in combination with Baby Eucalyptus to create greenery garlands.

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