Pothos Hanging Plant is a native of Australia, China, Japan, and India. This plant belongs to a family of “Araceae” and the Kingdom “Plantae.” The most common names of this plant are the silver vine, taro vine. The mature size of this plant is 6 to 10 feet (as much as 30 feet). This heart-shaped green leaves, with yellow,  white, or light green color. It is a perfect plant for home locations such as business offices.


Pothos plants can sometimes be confused for philodendrons because of their similarly shaped leaves. This plant has arrow-shaped leaves and these leaves grow up to Thirty-nine inches long and 18 inches across. The top of the leaves appears as dappled marbled yellow and green combination, with each sheet being unique.


These plants like an average room temperature of 18 to 23 C.

Growing and Planting

This plant does occasionally bloom in the wild, bloom in indoor of this plant is sporadic. These plants like high moisture but can also bloom in low wet. These plants are not heavy feeders.

Pothos Hanging Plant Propagation

The photos plant is easily propagated you can cut the stems and put them in water or potting soil. Move the roots that was cut  and put  in water into the ground.

The Pothos Plant Air Humidity & Light

Outdoors photos can grow in partial shade, and indoor images prefer indirect light. Pothos like bright, indirect light.

Pothos do best when their soil dries out between watering. If the leaves are turning brown water, the plants more often.

Hanging Plant 8″ pot