Protea Pink Ice Flowers

Protea Pink Ice Flowers are also known as ‘Sugar Bush’ and make a very good choice for DIY floral arrangements as they are considered to be low maintenance flowers as compared to the high-end varieties available at wholesale flowers outlets. The flowers have a subtle scent which is an added feature. The flowers are even widely used in the dried form in potpourri etc. They dry really well and retain the shapes of the petals, hence flaunting their charming beauty.

The silvery-pink have a mesmerizing effect on the onlookers. The flowers are used as fillers along with their pointed leaves, other than the main flowers in floral arrangements. The hybrid varieties bear flowers with a varied range of pink colored petals that start with paler color on the inner, developing into darker on the outside.

The hybrid flower available at bulk flowers shop is also among hardy plants that can sustain tougher conditions quite fairly. The flowers can tolerate frosty outdoors considerably that is how they make through the early days of the winter in different types of soil. This makes them a sought-after filler in different settings as they tend to last for longer than usual.

The sizes of Protea Pink Ice Flowers also differ as per different varieties. The structure of the flowers is dense with lots of petals that are arranged in a compact manner. As they hold their shape well, hence are readily used by florists in floral arrangements both fresh and dried. They are also ideal for outdoor events as they can withstand harsh conditions.

The crowns like petals vary in color from silvery, pale pink to dark pink with linear leaves that are usually used along with the blooms in arrangements. For a more refined and cleaner look, the leaves can be stripped off easily leaving a sleek stem behind. To keep the leaves fresher for longer, it is recommended to keep the stems submerged in sucrose solution. That would keep the foliage from turning black.

Toronto Bulk Flowers offers a wide variety of Protea Pink Ice Flowers with and without leaves in assorted shades and varied sizes.

Protea Pink Ice is the best option for the DIY brides and wedding planners who know the kind of beauty brought by the pink petals of this flower. The flower can be used as either filler or as the secondary feature of the bouquet or the centerpieces. The flower has a gentle scent that makes it the best option for achieving an outstanding arrangement.