Proud Pothos plant

Proud Pothos plant is a simple yet attractive indoor plant. It is a vining plant with less maintenance tips involved. The Pothos plant has shiny and heart-shaped leaves.

Its botanical name is Epipremnum aureum.

Highlight the routine practices involved in the care of Proud Pothos.

Care tips for a healthy Pothos plant

  1. Propagation

Pothos are propagated from stem cuttings. These cuttings are rooted in soil to give rise to another whole plant.

  1. Irrigation

One good thing about these plants is that they will signal whenever they run out of water. The leaves will appear lose and weak thus indicates that the plant needs water. However, just apply a considerate amount of water. Do not over water.

  1. Lighting

Medium light is the best. When exposed to very bright or dim light, the leaves will start fading.

  1. Fertilizer application

Feeding this plant with fertilizer is not necessary but to ensure a healthy and more vigorous plant, add an organic fertilizer.

  1. Pruning

Pinch the tips to stimulate rapid growth. This will reduce the bushy plant to a good looking healthy plant with reduced competition for light and nutrients.

  1. Creativity and appearance

Since these plants are vining and climbing, train them to grow across walls or along poles. You can also plant them in hanging baskets and let them spill through the windows to the roofs.

Advantages of Toronto Office Pothos

  • First, Proud Pothos plant are easy to grow and maintain since they are climbing plants and crawl o their own for direction. They are easy to propagate and grow in any amount of lighting.
  • Secondly, Pothos rarely get attacked by pests and diseases.
  • Thirdly, Proud Pothos are sold at very affordable prices both in retail and wholesale packages.
  • Lastly, they are of very good quality and very healthy.