Red Garden Roses – 20 Stems

The red garden roses are the most popular roses, this is the reason so many people are looking forward to Valentine’s day. Known as the best flower to  love and romance, Giving one stem to someone or a dozen to show love.

The look of roses is still one of the most beautiful, breath-taking sights to behold. Its statuesque stance is a beauty to behold. The garden roses are great for use in the same way as other roses, the only difference being its popularity on Valentine’s day.

Roses as wholesale flowers are not only used for bouquets, but also as ornamental plants that can be used both indoors and in the garden. Their perfumed scent has wooed many lovers over the years, but their petals are also great for  anniversaries.

All roses are supplied with guard petals and the thorns are not removed prior to delivering them. It is recommended that all the supplied instructions be followed for the care and preservation of your roses.

Create a space that’s dedicated to an arrangement of red garden roses, add them to a vase of lilies.

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