Red rose petals are more than just a rose flower. These rose petals have gained so much love from the wedding planners due to its versatility. It has numerous petals which are elegantly positioned to have the mouths of the guests wide open. These rose petals red are the best for the bed or bridle path. When placed on top of the table, it overwhelms the guests with too much elegance.

How to use red rose petals?

you can use fragrant and velvety rose petals for a special touch for the following occasions:

  • Valentin’ s day to romanticize your intimate moments
  • Wedding anniversary is the special day of your life. These petals will make these moments memorable.
  • birthday’s day,
  • On the occasion of proposal for wedding to your sweet heart.

Most of our customers are hotels. They buy these petals to cover the bed for love one. Similarly, filmmaker, festivals, banquet hall also buy these petals to cover the braid wedding path, spas. Our rose petals are known due to their natural quality and immediate availability.

Toronto Bulk Flowers sell REAL rose petals, 100% fresh. Please be careful when using red rose petals, to cover your bed be careful, since they can stain paler colored textiles.

Our flower petals are picked from the rose heads and they deliver to you or your loved one.

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