A rose with a color combination of velvet and yellow is a sight to behold.  This beautiful flower is sure to bring a smile to your face. Its velvety texture and vibrant hue make it one of the most popular blooms. Therefore, Toronto Bulk Flowers proudly brings you Red Velvet Roses at the best prices. Whether it’s for a wedding, a special occasion or simply to decorate your home, the red velvet rose is a perfect choice. It adds color, texture, and a touch of class to any setting. Toronto Bulk Flowers also includes other varieties like white velvet roses and pink velvet roses. So pick your favorite bunch today and watch your venue instantly become more romantic and vibrant!

The features of these velvet blooms

These Velvet Roses are truly luxurious flowers, with velvet red petals on tall and elegant stems. The yellow color in the center of these blooms adds a unique pop of color and texture. The subtly fragrant blooms are surrounded by plentiful luscious green foliage that delicately caresses the edges of the beautiful velvet rose petal.

What is the significance of these blooms?

Red is known to represent passion, courage, strength, and love in its purest form. That’s exactly why there’s nothing more ideal for expressing your emotions than this stunning shade embossed upon the delicate Red Velvet Rose. Similarly, the yellow color in the center of these blooms is associated with joy, happiness, and friendship. With a combination of these two colors, the red velvet rose truly is the perfect flower to show your loved ones just how much you care.

The perfect partner for special occasions!

Red Velvet Rose is the ideal flower for all sorts of special occasions. From anniversaries, birthdays and romantic proposals to graduations and more, this flower adds a splash of color and vibrancy that’s sure to make any event even more memorable. It’s also the perfect flower for adding an elegant touch to your bridal bouquet or boutonniere.