Rose Imagination is a unique type of rose that stands out from other roses with its soothing hues and delicate structure. This flower symbolizes love, vitality, attraction, admiration, and appreciation. It can be used to declare these same feelings for someone special in your life.

How this rose imagination is different from other roses? 

This flower has a unique composition of colors that is both eye-catching and calming. It combines the power of pink and orange, making it a sight to behold. These roses are also popularly known as salmon pink roses. The petals are soft and delicate, giving off an aura of elegance with every movement. The blooms are usually 2-3 inch while the length of the stem is usually 16-20 inches. Similarly, when it comes to vase life, they can last up to one weeks with proper care and maintenance.


Rose Imagination speaks to the heart like few flowers can. Its color combination and beautiful structure conveys a message of admiration, attention, and appreciation. Pink is associated with love and joy while orange stands for enthusiasm and passion. Together, the hues remind us to be passionate about life and never stop dreaming.

No matter what message you want to send, rose imagination can help you deliver the perfect sentiment. Whether it’s a romantic gesture or an expression of friendship, this flower will make sure your recipient knows exactly how you feel about them.

Which occasions are perfect for these roses?

Rose Imagination’s passionate designs make it perfect for all kinds of occasions; whether you want to give them as a romantic gift for Valentine’s Day or show gratitude towards someone special on Christmas – these statement-making blooms will be sure to make your gesture eloquent and meaningful! The sentiment behind this flower is one of timelessness and commitment, making it a go-to choice for anniversaries or other milestone moments. Let the captivating power of Rose Imagination capture hearts wherever you take it!


For a truly special gift, nothing beats the beauty of a Rose Imagination. Its unique design and striking color speak volumes about your feelings without saying a word. Show someone you care with this inspiring bloom, and let it be an eternal reminder of your love!