Roses in a black box is the gift for you to send on Valentine’s Day to your loved ones. This floral box that is the blend of assorted flowers will fill the day of its receiver with sunshine, happiness, and peace. The heart shape is making this floral bouquet more significant. It will be difficult for you to find this roses box in your local flower shop because it has been made by the professional florist of Yonge flower shop, Richmond Hill.  

What are the ingredients of roses in a black box bouquet?

As far as the ingredients of this gorgeous bouquet are concerned, it is the combination of the following.

  • Fresh red roses
  • The tuft of Pink wax flower miniature.
  • Eucalyptus seeded naked without stems.
  • White button poms miniature.
  • Pink rose
  • A small square black box.
  • Lastly, red-colored decorative ribbon.

Placement of flowers and roses in a black box bouquet:

  • All of the mentioned flowers are placed in a specific order to create symmetry and beauty in it.
  • Pink was flowers are placed in the border of the box. While the heart shape is made with the red roses inside the border of wax flowers.
  • Eucalyptus seeded naked is creating black and white touch, inside the heart shape made with roses.
  • Similarly, inside the heart shape of flowers, white button poms are blooming.
  • The one and only pink flower is  in the center of the black box.
  • Lastly, a red decorative ribbon is giving this box a touch of the gift.

The occasions to present or send roses in a black box bouquet:

          Following are the occasions on which you can send or present this floral

gift to your loved ones by availing the same-day delivery services of GTA flower shop, Richmond Hill.

  • Birthday of your wife, girlfriend or partner.
  • Wedding anniversary.
  • Bridal shower of your friends or cousin
  • Groom shower of your loved ones and other similar occasions of this type.

So, Younge flower shop is making relationships of people by providing fresh and premium flowers. Also, have a look at these ravishing floral bouquets for Valentine’s Day.

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Approximately 9H x 9W.