Salal Leaves – 5 Bunches

The Salal Leaves are some of the most used and affordable greenery that is routinely incorporated into flower arrangements because of its color and longevity. Salal leaves come from a plant that has deep blue berries which used to be a food source for natives and aboriginals. They were used both fresh and also dried-up and cooked into bread and cakes. This shrub also creates leathery-leaves that are loved by flower designers everywhere. They are also known as Gaultheria Shallon.

Salal Leaves come from this shrub which is an evergreen. This means the leaves will remain green and fresh for a long time, especially when watered. Therefore, they are favored to be used in cut-flower arrangements because they are long-lasting and make any arrangement look fuller. Purchased as wholesale flowers they are both affordable and can be kept for a long time when well-hydrated.

The Salal Leaves are egg-shaped, tough and thick. They are shiny and darker green on the top and become lighter green on the bottom. These leaves are commonly incorporated in wedding flowers because they add volume and a touch of green delight to any arrangement. While long-lasting, the salal also dries up beautifully and most arrangements can be kept intact if designed with salal leaves. That’s why brides love to use them in their wedding bouquets and in other wedding flower designs. So they can be kept as dried souvenirs.

Salal Leaves are also known commonly as Lemon Leaf. The bulk fresh Salal is a versatile greenery that is loved by flower designers and flower decorators. They are great fillers that bulk up and create texture to head table wedding centerpieces, as well as wedding bouquets. Contact Toronto Bulk Flowers for your share of affordable and versatile bulk flowers so you are ready for your upcoming DIY flower design projects.