Schefflera Plant Is Known As The Dwarf Umbrella Tree

The Schefflera plant, also known as the dwarf umbrella tree, is a free-standing, evergreen shrub. The plant has palmately compound leaves, and its’ flowers are produced in a bunch of tiny umbels. It’s among the most popular indoor plants since it comes in very many varieties, making it a favorite for flower enthusiasts.

The Schefflera plant is found commonly in offices, apartments, and houses; it’s highly appreciated for its’ ease of care and its foliage.

Care of the Schefflera Plant:

  • The Schefflera prefers indirect light that isn’t very bright. You can move the plant under a shade during summer; this prevents the plant from becoming floppy or leggy due to lack of sufficient light.
  • Schefflera prefers soils that can drain well; they should be planted in pots containing rich, loose, and moist compost. Sandy loam soil best favor the Schefflera plant. Waterlogged soils should never be used.
  • This plant should be watered at least once weekly when it’s growing. The leaves should also be sprayed from time to time. Overwatering the plant causes yellowing of the leaves; these leaves eventually fall off.
  • You can apply slow-release pellets or use the liquid fertilizer twice a week; this ensures they get extra nutrients, which makes them have a glowing and healthy appearance.

Where to buy the Schefflera?

Schefflera is an excellent choice for both indoors and outdoors, making them exceptional container or pot plants. The key to their successful growth lies in choosing plants that have been properly taken care of, right from the start. At Toronto Bulk Flowers, we nurture all our plants lovingly until they are ready for shipment, right at your doorstep! Whether you are in search of plants for office or home, we will ensure that we offer you the best indoor plants.