Selene rose is a stunning flower, with an elegant and timeless beauty that can’t be ignored. Its unique burly wood color is hard to find in any other flower. Similarly, its petals have a velvety texture and its long stems make it perfect for arrangements or as part of larger bouquets. With its sweet aroma, this flower will surely fill your home or office space with warmth and joy.

What is the structure of these blooms?

The Selene rose has five petals that form the shape of a saucer cup, making it elegant and very feminine in appearance. The center of this flower is intricate and there are several layers of petals. Its large size makes it ideal for use as decorations in vases or bouquets where they stand out among other flowers without overpowering them. The strong stem allows you to place it almost anywhere without fear of wilting too quickly despite movement or heat exposure.


What is the meaning of these selene roses?

The burly wood color is the symbol of strength and resilience. The velvety texture of its petals is a sign of gentleness and grace. Thus, the Selene rose symbolizes a strong and graceful spirit, and is the perfect gift for someone who’s going through a difficult time. It also serves as a reminder that no matter how rough the road may be, there is always a way to make it beautiful.

Home decoration ideas with these roses?

Selene roses can be used to enhance the beauty of any home. They look great as single flowers arranged in vases or combined with other blossoms to create a beautiful bouquet. They also make perfect accents for centerpieces and decorations, adding a special touch to any space. Moreover, these blooms are perfect to give as gifts, especially as a token of appreciation to someone special. With its timeless beauty, the Selene rose will definitely leave a lasting impression. Another way to incorporate Selene roses into home decor is through wreaths or floral garlands.


So what stops you from adding these beautiful blooms to your home? Show appreciation for the special people in your life and bring serenity into any space with a Selene rose.