Garlands Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Our silver dollar eucalyptus garlands is made up of fresh, lush eucalyptus leaves. It is also an outstanding fresh garland which lasts longer. They are of green color with a burgundy edge. Therefore, they are best for crosses, draping over an arch, as a table runner or on the entryway. There are many ways to use this full, beautiful garland.

It appears with attractive silver-blue color, which is normally not found in greenery. Moreover, it is a tremendously popular eucalyptus garland among our collection. It is also a perfect choice for your weddings and for your special events. Approximately, its size is 4 Foot (1.2192) Garland. This garland is one of the most lovely evergreens of nature. This eucalyptus brings dimensions, subtle texture, and colors to seasonal decor.

What should be done for taking care of silver dollar eucalyptus garlands?

The steps we should take for the care of silver dollar eucalyptus garland are as follows:

  1. After the arrival of your order, you should keep your garlands in the box, and they should be stored in a cool and dry place.
  2. They should be away from drafts, excessive heat or direct sunlight.
  3. If you are keeping them in a cool place, then there is no need for you to store these garlands in the refrigerator.

You can provide a woodland feel by using garland flowers or silver dollar garlands for decoration in any event. It can also be used as a cluster of white garden roses from fifty flowers for the romantic look and as a table runner that can be adorned with candlesticks. You can use it for making a circle around the cake table or drape it around a backdrop. There are plenty of possibilities to use this. The eucalyptus garland is full of textures. Moreover, it arrives in a wide variety of sizes that can fit your needs.