The use of sincerity sympathy casket spray flowers at ceremonies is one of the oldest traditions. They were likely used to cover the deceased person’s smell. But with the passage of time, the purpose of presenting flowers on funerals and sympathy has been changed.  Now, it has become a tradition to send flowers to the deceased family at a funeral home to show sympathy and express condolences.

Sincerity Sympathy Casket Spray in Canada are just a click away. If you want to send flowers, you can simply do so by availing Canada flower delivery. Before you place your order, you must be aware of the right choice and types of flowers available and what meaning they represent.

Difference between various funeral flowers

Funeral and sympathy flowers may sound similar to you, but some facts make the real distinction:

  • Size
  • Arrangement
  • Venue to send flowers

Funeral Flowers:

These floral arrangements are displayed near the casket along with any condolences gift. They are large in size and can be brought by family members or close family friends. These flowers can be in different shapes such as a heart or cross. The type of funeral flowers can be a wreath or spray flowers to place it on the top of the casket during the last services.

Sympathy Flowers:

These are the smaller floral arrangements and bouquets sent by friends and loved ones.  Additionally, they are meant to express sympathy and to offer condolence.

Funeral and sympathy flowers can be present in the shape of the bouquet, spray, casket spray, wreaths, and inside pieces.

Sincerity Sympathy Casket Spray:

A casket spray is a large, beautiful presentation of fresh color and fragrant flowers to place it on the top of the casket. For this kind of floral arrangement, an eye-catching and elegant option will be rich red roses and carnations. It will bring comfort and peace to the bereaved family. You can choose from carnations, chrysanthemums, hyacinth, hydrangea, lilies, orchid and roses.

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The arrangement in the picture is approximately 20″H x 28″W.