Benefit of Snake Plant for Any House

The Oxygen-Providing Snake Plant

The Hollies might have made a hit with their song ‘All I need is the Air That I Breathe’, but the quality of the air we breathe in the 21st century leaves much to be desired and here comes the biggest snake plant benefit. This broad-leafed plant is renowned for its ‘improving air quality’ properties. Imagine being asleep at night knowing that the snake plant is quietly and unobtrusively improving air quality in your bedroom.

A Useful, Low-Maintenance Plant

Commonly known as ‘the bedroom plant’ as well as having the name Sansevieria, the plant is a member of the Lily Family. Snake plant benefit is not just for purifying the air. There are many other advantages too. For instance, it’s a low maintenance plant, making it the perfect plant companion for people in apartments who don’t have space and means to cultivate plants.

It’s a plant that doesn’t require a lot of light, preferring low-light, steamy conditions – perfect if you have an en-suite bedroom. The Sansevieria is a tolerant, decorative plant and it’s not going to die easily should you neglect it.

There are about 70 different species of the snake plant, all coming from regions of Europe, Africa, and Asia. They’re evergreen too and will reach about a foot in height. There are some types such as the Sansevieria cylindrical that can grow to up to 3 feet in height.

Converting Carbon Dioxide to Oxygen As One Of The snake plant benefits!

It’s spikey, sword-like foliage has even undergone studies by NASA, showing that it removes toxins such as formaldehyde and nitrogen oxides from the air thus proving it to be one of the best indoor plants. The plant actually converts carbon dioxide to oxygen at night. A few of these growing in your home can make a difference in the quality of your air.

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