Coming from the Dracaena species, the Song of India plant is one of the sought-after indoor plants. The plant is native to the humid islands in the Indian Ocean. It is able to grow well indoors and out, provided it gets the right blend of water and light.

There are various species and they come with different leaf variations. The leaves are glossy and reach a foot long and can be an inch or two in width.  The most popular one sold is the yellow-edged variegate type. It can grow to be about 3ft tall indoors but as high as 18 feet outside in the garden. As it gets older, it will bring forth small white flowers.

Song of India plant is great for new plant-growing-enthusiasts as they are hardy, low maintenance plants believed to be an air purifier in the home.

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Caring for the Song of India plant

  • They can grow outdoors in the garden or in a pot indoors.
  • Provide the plant with indirect light and warm temperatures.
  • The Song of India plant likes humidity.
  • Provide it with some mist treatment occasionally.
  • Make sure the pot drains well. You don’t want to over-water this plant.
  • Provide some fertilizing once a year. Your local nursery can advise you on the type of fertilizer.
  • Trim off the older, dry bottom leaves.
  • Both indoor and outdoor plants may require a support-stick to support the plant as it grows taller.

The Song of India plant is also one of the best plants for office and is popularly used on pedestal stands in offices. The striped leaves and coloring blend in perfectly with all kinds of furnishings and décor. It’s not a demanding plant and it quietly adjusts and adapts to all kinds of indoor lighting conditions.

Approximately: 24″ h x 8″ pot