Sparkling Wedding Toast for Centerpiece

What is a Sparkling wedding Toast and who should present it?

A wedding toast is mostly defined as a tradition in which people take a drink to express goodwill and honor the bride and groom right after they tie the knot. It is a congratulatory speech that is given to celebrate the couple’s big day. A wedding toast may be raised by any close member of the bride and groom’s family but usually, these are the people that are mostly preferred by the couple:

  • Best man: Best man is usually the groom’s best friend and is most likely to hold the floor after the couple
  • Maid of honor: She can be the bride’s sister or any best friend, depending on the bride’s preference.
  • The couple’s parents: As mostly seen, the bride’s parents are more likely to raise a toast however, it’s no compulsion. The groom’s parents can also give a little love speech for their child.

Tips for making your wedding toast a success:

Most of the people are super nervous while raising a Sparkling Wedding Toast so, if you don’t want to end up like Ross from friends, give our tips a little read and everyone will surely love your toast.

  • The best way is to address the audience directly and keep it brief. It should not last more than five minutes.
  • Make sure you have practiced your toast well.
  • Put up a big smile.

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