Spider Plant – Indoor Plants

Spider Plant Look Awesome in Hanging Baskets, those who want to have some greenery in their homes love the Spider Plant indoor as it is
so easy to grow, even in less-than-perfect conditions.

They’re hardy indoor plants and while there is the main plant, there are plenty of hanging plantlets on long stems, sometimes referred to as Spiderettes. It gives the plant a waterfall effect. Most people prefer the green variety, but you also get the green-and-white striped ones. Once your Spider Plant has matured you can expect small white flowers.

Spider Plants Indoor is Undemanding

These undemanding indoor plants will happily grow outside or indoors in a hanging basket. If they’re in a pot, they want well-draining, well-aerated potting soil and to be kept in indirect sunlight. They don’t want to be standing in direct sunlight as this can burn their leaves. They grow quickly and you will need to re-pot it. They can also be grown outdoors.

C for your Spider Plant:

  • Water moderately – they don’t like a lot of water.
  • In the spring, when growth occurs, don’t allow the soil to dry out too much.
  • In the springtime, you can fertilize the soil with a general water-soluble or granular type fertilizer.
  • As a treat, you can mist your Spider Plant.

The spider plant is hardy and even if you tend to neglect it, it doesn’t easily show signs of deterioration. They do get what is known as tip burn. This is when you leave them too long with dry soil or the water you provide them with has too much salt and chemicals.

 Popular Choice for Beginner ‘Gardeners’

Robust, good looking and low maintenance are some of the reasons they are counted one among the best indoor plants. These are such a popular choice for people who are new to growing plants.

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