Staircase Garland

Staircase garland can be a wonderful ornament for decoration in the wedding house or at wedding hall. There are chances that you have a stair case at the venue of your wedding. Even if the entrance of your venue has concrete steps or your reception has a wooden banisters grand staircase, these garland flowers will surely  enhance the beauty of your big day.
Similarly, stair case steps are the transitional elements of celebrations. They are responsible for taking wedding guests from one place to another. It does not mean that they have to be overlooked or not decorated while planning the décor.

When we add accents of wedding flowers and garlands to stairs, then we end up making the space feel tremendously intimate. Adding depth by brining greenery and accents of flowers to the space between staircases will definitely bring a dose of freshness to an indoor space.
It is also a wonderful style through which you can thread your
color palette. You can enhance your whole wedding event through careful selection of wedding flowers. The approximate size of these staircase flowers is 10 yards in length.

How can you decorate staircase garland?

It can be decorated in plenty of ways. Also, it depends on the size and time of your wedding decorations. It is possible that you may need a wire, a double stick tape, hooks, and ties to attach your ornaments and clear fishing line for decoration. These supplies should be chosen to blend in with your decorations and banister.
The secret with 
which you can add wedding decorations on stairs is layering. Moreover, it arrives in a wide variety of sizes that can fit into your needs. There are plenty of ways to decorate a garland. However, decoration of staircase garland is as follows:

  1. Variety of pine cones
  2. Green garland
  3. Wide red and black ribbons
  4. Gold balls

If our customers have special requirements regarding decorating it, we can definitely customize them according to their desire.