Succulent Dish Garden – Indoor

A succulent dish garden is actually looked upon as a piece of art. These gardens come in beautiful pots of all shapes and sizes and the arrangement of colorful succulents makes these dish gardens the perfect gift.

Flowers are beautiful but short-lived and a succulent dish garden brings the peace and beauty of the desert right into your home or office. Indoor plants like these are low maintenance but they bring pleasure day after day, month after month. The gardens are filled with beautiful succulents and cactus’s of every color and make the perfect, low-maintenance gift.

Caring for your Succulent Dish Garden

  • Succulents are self-sufficient and they do well, even with minimal care, these are one of the best plants for the office.
  • Succulents enjoy bright, indirect sunlight. Don’t have them in a dark area as you’ll find the succulents becoming spindly and unhealthy as they strive to reach out to the light.
  • Succulents don’t like lots of water. The garden only needs to be watered once the soil becomes totally dried out. The pot will have to have drainage holes. Avoid at all costs a tray below the pot that accumulates water. Generally, succulents will want water just once a week. Most succulents don’t require watering during the winter.
  • Succulents grow in a variety of different soils. When you change your succulents into a bigger dish, use soil with large particle size, as it is considered well-draining soil.
  • Succulents are desert plants so they are used to warm, dry air. They won’t thrive in a cool, air-conditioned room.
  • You can feed your succulent dish garden with a liquid fertilizer, diluted at 1/8 of the strength. Read the label on the packaging for precisely how to feed your succulents.

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