Succulent Plants – Wedding Gift Ideas

Succulent plants are thick and fleshy, needing to retain water because of the arid conditions they grow in. They originate from hot areas in South America and Africa too. Because they are so used to dry conditions without much water, you should water them sparingly. You only need to water these fleshy plants about twice a month.

They grow both indoors and out. and are great plants for office environments and for home. With the right amount of light, they make awesome low-maintenance indoor plants.

Succulent Plants

Succulents seem to be enjoying a boost in popularity too, especially since they are easy to care for, they put on a fascinating display of colors – pinks, green, yellow, orange, purple and red, and some even produce some form of a flower.

You can never become bored with succulent plants as there is so much variety. Did you know that there are more than 60 different succulent families? These families give thousands of succulents such as the aloe plant as well as cactus.

Caring for Succulents Plants:

  • If you have your succulents in a pot, make sure that the pot has a drainage hole. Succulents don’t want to sit in wet soil, so having a pot that drains well is imperative.
  • Well draining soil or a coarse potting mix is very important. In fact, good drainage and aeration is an important aspect of caring for a succulent. When you buy a succulent, read the labels to get an idea on sunlight- and feeding needs.
  • When you water your succulent, water thoroughly but then allow the soil to dry completely before you even think of watering again.
  • You can fertilize your succulents with a water-soluble fertilizer about once a year in Spring. Read the packaging instruction on how to dilute the fertilizer.

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