The wonderful Sword Fern Greens is the ultimate favorite green leaf with flower designers because of its beauty and versatility. This fresh bulk greenery is loved by floral stylists because of its tall stem. in addition, there are multiple long frilly leaves that populate this long stem from its bottom to the top.

Your wedding flowers will benefit greatly from the use of the Sword Fern Greens. putting aside the name of this fern, this green’s frilly leaves will add much romantic flair to your wedding designs. The fact that lots of long leaves run up the length of the stem of this leaf helps it in adding volume to any wedding centerpiece or floral design of your choice.

If this beautiful foliage sits atop your wedding table, it will get all the attention it deserves from your guests. Due to its unique upright posture and its frilly elongated leaves, the Sword Fern Greens will command the attention of all. For the most affordable prices, get your greens and fillers as bulk flowers. This will give you the ease and comfort to style your floral arrangements with ease.

Sword Fern Greens and DIY flower arrangements

If you are a creative bride or just the lucky artsy type and plan on doing DIY flower arranging projects for your own wedding or those of your loved ones, make sure to use this greenery. So with this leaf, your wedding arrangements will gain the elegance and classic feel that all brides are looking for.  Similarly, it will create a romantic and whimsy atmosphere that keeps your guests admiring long after the ceremony.

The Sword Fern Greens works wonderfully with many other greeneries such as the Foxtail Fren Green and fillers such as the Blue Eryngium Thistle. To get more flower styling ideas and advice make sure to contact Toronto Bulk Flowers and get a quote on wholesale flowers.